When people ask how we got started in the wine business, my answer is, ‘Well, we began by drinking A LOT of wine!’

…but, as true as that part is, the rest of our story began this way…

Nearly twenty years ago, while Gerry was deeply immersed in healthcare start-ups and I was busy with non-profit boards, we wandered into Sonoma County, and in particular the Dry Creek Valley, and were instantly enchanted by its stunning beauty and splendid wines.

…so, when we found a broken-down piece of property that just happened to be perfect for growing Cabernet and Syrah grapes, we knew it was time to begin to write a new chapter.

Gerry traded his board seat for a tractor seat and I, my Ann Taylor suits for overalls, and the two of us headed out into the vineyard hand-in-hand and have never looked back. Learning to work together in the vineyards and winery has been hilarious and challenging and wonderful (and did I say, hilarious?) and a part of our story that now, after 22 years, we would not trade for the world!

With the help of some wine-maker friends we produced our first vintage in 1998, a glorious Cabernet, and, ever since, have been diligently working to create intriguing wines that allow the terroir, the fruit, and the vintage to express their own unique story in your glass.